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The EMN for Energy Gases has its first meeting with participating stakeholders

17th June 2019 in VSL, Delft

Under the umbrella of EURAMET, the European Metrology Network (EMN) for Energy Gases was launched at VSL in Delft, Netherlands on June 17th 2019. The main objective of the network is to support the implementation of the energy transition to renewable gaseous fuels, by acting as a central nucleus for measurement science activities and bridging the gap between research and end-user communities.

The launch event featured an introduction to the scope and activities of the EMN, presentations from stakeholders, and finally, panel discussions on the key energy gas measurement challenges and the network’s industry expectations. It was attended by 50 participants, including representatives from European Commission (DG Energy), research and testing, standardisation and gas industry organisations.

The ongoing EMN activity to develop an online measurement service platform was well received; this can provide users with a comprehensive overview of member organisations’ measurement and calibration services. The stakeholders also provided valuable insight into the challenges that they are currently facing and excellent suggestions on how to promote greater collaboration between industry and measurement institutes.

Close cooperation with these groups will ensure that the activities of the EMN remain aligned with the needs of industry, and that the outputs from energy gases research are thoroughly disseminated to end users. 

Annarita Baldan (VSL) is the Chair of the EMN and led the organisation of the launch event. Annarita commented, “We are delighted with the attendance at the launch of the EMN for Energy Gases and the positive response from our stakeholders. The feedback that we received confirmed that there is a need for a coordinated approach to metrological research for Energy Gases, and I am confident that we have built a network which will truly address this need and serve as the primary hub for knowledge and testing capabilities”.

Annarita is supported by Marc MacDonald (NEL) as Vice-Chair and an EMN steering committee; comprised of Henri Foulon (CESAME EXADEBIT), Arul Murugan (NPL), Karine Arrhenius (RISE), Jos van Grinten (PTB) and Heinrich Kipphardt (BAM).

The next step for the EMN is to develop a strategic research agenda (SRA), which details trends in the European energy gases market, current metrology challenges and the strategies to tackle them. Stakeholders will be invited to attend a workshop on measurement challenges at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington, United Kingdom on the 22nd January 2020.

For detailed information about the EMN for Energy Gases, please contact Annarita Baldan or subscribe to  the Energy Gases newsletter: