Poster about new Climate and Ocean Observation Network wins best poster award

Early success for new EURAMET European Metrology Network

Early success for new EURAMET European Metrology Network

A poster about the new EURAMET European Metrology Network for Climate and Ocean Observation, which is in the process of being set up, won ‘best Poster’ award at a recent European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) conference.

The first Stakeholder Conference of the European Ocean Observation System (EOOS) took place in Brussels in November 2018. The event brought together diverse ocean observing stakeholder communities, from science, public authorities, and industries including fisheries, energy and transport.

This EOOS event was organised by the European Marine Observation and Data Network, European Marine Board and European Global Ocean Observing System secretariats in close collaboration with wider stakeholder community, and with financial support from the European Commission.


One of the objectives of the conference was assess and endorse the EOOS strategy and implementation plan, identifying further concrete joint actions to advance the EOOS agenda.

The interaction between EOOS and the new EMN Climate and Ocean Observation is stated in the EOOS implementation plan, as a means to fulfill the need for best practice guidance.

 The poster presenting the creation of the new EURAMET EMN on Climate and Ocean Observation won the prize of the best poster at the conference.

 The aim of the new Networks is to extend the collaboration of measurement scientists across Europe, in areas of strategic importance for Europe. They will support the take-up of research outputs from the metrology community, the collection of needs from industry to inform future research, and host a long term ongoing dialogue between the metrology community (including National Metrology Institutes) and relevant stakeholders.

Once up and running, the EURAMET Network for Climate and Ocean Observation will establish a collaborative network of climate and ocean observing metrology expertise, encompassing all technical domains, as a single focal point for stakeholders to prioritise research and access services.

It aims to give an input to the EU’s strategic agenda on climate change and to provide ongoing metrology for all Essential Climate Variables.

The Network is divided into 3 sections, with Emma Woolliams of NPL the acting Chair:

  • Ocean (acting lead Paola Fisicaro LNE)
  • Atmosphere (acting lead Céline Pascale METAS)
  • Earth observation and land (acting lead Nigel Fox NPL)

The strong expertise in, and understanding of, measurements applied to environmental monitoring that the National Measurement Institutes have will ensure the future success of this European Metrology Network.

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