Courtesy of The Green VillageCourtesy of The Green Village
The Time Synchronisation IMpact Enabling FUture Network Communication project developed improved hardware and calibration techniques that extended the range of applications able to make use of the White Rabbit time transfer protocol and therefore benefit from precise reference timing. White Rabbit (WR) is an Ethernet-based technology that ensures multiple sites can share a precise reference time, such as Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), over fibre-optic networks. The project developed an uncertainty analysis for calibrating both timing devices and optical links, essential for precisely linking WR to UTC. Guidance on implementing WR was shared with the international timing community.

Fibre-optic based wireless positioning

Satellite navigation has transformed Europe’s transport services. The prospect of enhanced navigation applications has encouraged researchers to approach the technical limits: autonomous vehicle developers, for example, would value more precise and reliable data to deliver lane-level guidance. A solution could be to augment satellite signals with ground-based signals. Demonstrating the concept required sub-nanosecond timing accuracy, but no practical calibration method was available to keep the entire system in sync.