Full Name
Country / Organisation
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency LO-CO (Liaison Organisation: Corresponding Organisation) International/Regional Organisation
MIZS Ministry of Education, Science and Sport other Slovenia
MRC MI-UAL Underwater Acoustics Laboratory A-DI (Associate: Designated Institute) Turkey
SCK-CEN/LNK Nuclear Calibration Laboratory, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre A-DI (Associate: Designated Institute) Belgium
MBW MBW Calibration AG A-DI (Associate: Designated Institute) Switzerland
NGML National Gear Metrology Laboratory A-DI (Associate: Designated Institute) United Kingdom
NIBSC National Institute for Biological Standards and Control A-DI (Associate: Designated Institute) United Kingdom
VINS Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences A-DI (Associate: Designated Institute) Serbia
LABSAGAS KJKP Sarajevogas d.o.o. Sarajevo A-DI (Associate: Designated Institute) Bosnia and Herzegovina
IW Institut za vode d.o.o. Bijeljina A-DI (Associate: Designated Institute) Bosnia and Herzegovina
INM-MD National Metrology Institute of the Republic of Moldova M (Member) Moldova
IH-LQPM Instituto Hidrográfico A-DI (Associate: Designated Institute) Portugal
DHMZ-SOUL Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service - Independent Service for the Calibration ... A-DI (Associate: Designated Institute) Croatia
HMS Housing and Construction Authority M (Member) Iceland
CEN-CENELEC European Committee for Standardization / European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization other International/Regional Organisation
EC European Commission other No Country / Organisation
ERC European Research Council other No Country / Organisation
WMO World Meteorological Organisation other International/Regional Organisation
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