Elsa Batista

Country / Organisation
Rua António Gião 2
2829-513 Caparica
Address Lines
Laboratório Central de Metrologia

Position in organisationHead of volume and flow laboratory

Main activities in the flow area Static volume, liquid microflow

Experience in the working groups/projects/assessments

EURAMET TC - FISO TC84, ISO TC 48, ISO TC 28EMRP/EMPIR projects MeDD, 15SIP03EURAMET capacity building – volume trainingAssessments for ISRAC, RVA and IPAC

Main books/papers/conferences 

Comparison of infusion pumps calibration methods, Measurement Volume 28 (2017)A Study of Factors that Influence Micropipette Calibrations, Measure Vol. 10 No. 1Assessment of drug delivery devices, Biomed.Eng.-Biomed.Tech.2015 (60)Primary standards for measuring flow rates, Biomed.Eng.-Biomed.Tech.2015 (60)Uncertainty calculation in gravimetric microflow measurements, AMCTM book XComparison on the verification of fuel dispensers, OIML bulletin volume LIV number 4, October 2013Evaluation of the influence of the liquid used in the verification of fuel dispensers and their standard calibration, OIML Bulletin, volume L, number 4, October 2009Volume calibration of 1000 l micropipetas.Inter-laboratory comparisons, Accred Qual Assur (2008), 13:261-266The selection of water property formulae for volume and flow calibration, Metrologia 44 (2007) 453-463Calibration of Micropipettes: test methods and uncertainty analysis, Measurement, 2007, 40, 338-342Data evaluation and uncertainty analysis in an Interlaboratory comparison of a pycnometer volume, Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology VII, p. 267-270, 2005

Languages skillsEnglish – CFrench – BPortuguese – CSpanish - B


Positions and Memberships

Technical Committees
TC-F: SC Volume