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To support the uptake of improved Quality Assurance and Quality Control by air quality networks, project partners worked closely with ISO Technical Committee 158 Analysis of gases to revise the documentary standard ISO 19229, resulting in an amended standard in 2019. Hands-on training courses enhanced awareness and skills among users and industrial producers of zero gases, on use and data handling as outlined in the Certification Protocol. The training — held at Delft, The Netherlands, Ispra, Italy, and Helsinki, Finland — also built awareness of the revised ISO 19229.

Standard to certify zero gas purity

Precise measurements are needed to track the effectiveness of environmental legislation. For example, across Europe air monitoring stations sample air quality, but the comparability of the data collected was compromised by the quality of reference gases used to calibrate instrument zero-points. Documentary standards could support regulation and innovation, but those for ‘zero gases’ did not specify how to guarantee purity, and a ready-made solution lacked formal standing.