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Against a black background is a 3D illustration of zinc oxide nanoparticles. Silver in colour, a roughly spherical shape, around 50 particles are clumped into a ball in the centre of the image

A new deep-learning AI tool for analysing images of complex nanoparticles

Nanoparticles (NPs), due to their small size (1-100 nm), have enhanced activity compared to the same material of larger sizes and are finding uses in a range of products and processes, including cosmetics, sunscreens and water treatment. It is estimated that the global market for NPs is €20 billion – with over 300 000 European ...

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Courtesy of BAM

A new ISO standard on the identification of nanoparticles

Nanoparticles (NP), defined as having one or more dimension of 1-100 nm, are used in a range of modern products, including cosmetics, sunscreen, coatings for solar cells, and materials for water treatment. A factor for their extensive use is the greater chemical activity imparted by their large surface area relative to their si...

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Six pictures showing a human brain scan. Three images in upper row showing black and white pictures of the brain and below these the corresponding EPT images in green with orange indicating tissue sub-types

Quantifying the uncertainty of Electric Properties Tomography in medical imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic, mainly qualitative, technique used to visualise the soft tissues of a patient. The application of a strong magnetic field causes the protons in a patient’s hydrogen atoms to align with it. Radiofrequency pulses are then used to force the protons to move out of and back into alig...

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Image showing that every measurement has a degree of uncertainty

Advancing the evaluation of measurement uncertainty

Measurements underpin almost all areas of modern life, including trade, industrial manufacture, environment and health. However, no measurement is perfect — factors such as the instrument type, operator, measurement method or the environment can affect the returned results. All these factors combine to produce a ‘measurement un...

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Image showing a shiny, wave of gold

Improving the measurement of gloss

The EU accounts for around 15 % of the world’s international trade in goods. Purchases are heavily influenced by conscious and subconscious visual cues which we relate as ‘quality’ in a product. A poor finish on a car, for example, may cause paint to develop an ‘orange peel’ look, eliciting a negative response in a buyer. This ...

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Consumer changing incandescent lamp with a new LED light bulb

New photometry standards for measurement of solid-state lighting products

Conventionally the calibration of photometric equipment was performed with tungsten filament standard lamps with the standard illuminant A spectrum, which was published by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) in 1931 and was originally designed for use with incandescent lighting products. However, incandescent co...

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