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Fibre optic cables rising into space

Dissemination of accurate time and frequency over ground-based optical systems

Almost all areas of modern life require an accurate knowledge of time, synchronised to a common time source. In Europe, time and frequency signals, and hence positioning information, are provided by radio signals or the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Galileo network of 30 satellites orbiting 20 000 km above the Earth equipped wi...

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Image showing abstract representation of modern power grids and advanced technologies used to control and monitor energy input

Consumer trust increased by new reference device

The energy grid is becoming increasingly more decarbonised. However, renewable energy sources are more variable compared to conventional energy sources, resulting in a great need to develop the metrological network required to control and monitor the energy grid. The changes in the energy grid system have also resulted in a nee...

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Courtesy of ArianeGroup

Thermal diffusivity measurements at high temperatures for space launcher engines

Industries increasingly rely on running their operations at high temperatures, up to 3000 °C, to increase the efficiency and reduce environmental footprint. However, before the Hi-TRACE project there was a metrological need for accurate thermophysical properties measurements with assessed measurement uncertainties. In the spac...

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Close up image of maintenance being performed on the exposed engine of an aircraft inside a large hanger

A low-cost 3D Large Volume Metrology system for the factories of the future

Even relatively small passenger planes have wingspans and fuselages exceeding 35 m in length, and larger, more modern aircraft can exceed 50 m or more. Due to the size of components in aviation, and many other industries, these must be correctly assembled, tracked and error mapped or ‘calibrated’ in situ. To do this requires th...

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Close up of two hands holding a diagnostic pad showing a 3D schematic of a car engine. Two sections of the engine are in red indicating problematic areas

Providing accurate measurements for dynamic pressure applications

Many industrial sectors involve processes that undergo dynamic changes in temperature and pressure. One key area is the automotive sector where around 99.8% of all global transport is powered by internal combustion engines (ICEs). It has been estimated that improvements in engine designs have the potential to reduce fuel consum...

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Image showing the Front and back of a luminous Intensity Standard type LIS-A

A new calibration standard for solid-state lighting

Around 12% of electricity consumption in the world is used for lighting. More efficient systems have the potential of allowing Europe to save up to 34 TWh of electricity by 2030, reducing CO2 emissions by 7 million tonnes per year. Incandescent lights – where electricity flowing through a thin metal filament, such as tungsten, ...

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