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Against a black background is a 3D illustration of zinc oxide nanoparticles. Silver in colour, a roughly spherical shape, around 50 particles are clumped into a ball in the centre of the image

A new deep-learning AI tool for analysing images of complex nanoparticles

Nanoparticles (NPs), due to their small size (1-100 nm), have enhanced activity compared to the same material of larger sizes and are finding uses in a range of products and processes, including cosmetics, sunscreens and water treatment. It is estimated that the global market for NPs is €20 billion – with over 300 000 European ...

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Image showing a clock with hours spiralling through space

Providing reliable support to orbital-based time and frequency dissemination

Time and frequency dissemination plays a central role in location services, commercial and financial transactions, communication systems such as 5G and the internet, as well as providing a frequency reference used in electricity grids. The most widespread way this is done is via Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). In Eu...

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Improving knowledge of radiation physics

BetaShape: An improved code for calculating beta radiation decay spectra

Radioactive decay occurs in unstable nuclides with an excess of protons or neutrons in the nucleus. Accurate knowledge of the decay process is vital in the nuclear industry where it is used in waste processing, storage, powerplant decommissioning or adherence to Directives such as 2013/59/Euratom on basic safety standards for p...

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Fibre optic cables rising into space

Dissemination of accurate time and frequency over ground-based optical systems

Almost all areas of modern life require an accurate knowledge of time, synchronised to a common time source. In Europe, time and frequency signals, and hence positioning information, are provided by radio signals or the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Galileo network of 30 satellites orbiting 20 000 km above the Earth equipped wi...

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Courtesy of BAM

A new ISO standard on the identification of nanoparticles

Nanoparticles (NP), defined as having one or more dimension of 1-100 nm, are used in a range of modern products, including cosmetics, sunscreen, coatings for solar cells, and materials for water treatment. A factor for their extensive use is the greater chemical activity imparted by their large surface area relative to their si...

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Image showing abstract representation of modern power grids and advanced technologies used to control and monitor energy input

Consumer trust increased by new reference device

The energy grid is becoming increasingly more decarbonised. However, renewable energy sources are more variable compared to conventional energy sources, resulting in a great need to develop the metrological network required to control and monitor the energy grid. The changes in the energy grid system have also resulted in a nee...

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