Case Studies

Protecting the power network from electrical faults

Electricity is transmitted at high voltages (HV) and reduced for domestic use by power transformers installed in HV substations. Many substations are located inside buildings in urban areas in reduced spaces. HV switchgear, such as circuit-breakers and disconnectors, are used to de-energise equipment to allow safe maintenance. ...

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Surface analysis for Alzheimer’s

There are many different methods to analyse surfaces and interfaces, each with advantages and disadvantages. Imaging plays a key role in medical research and drug discovery, identifying the spatial distribution of particles, locating drug targets, and assessing drug distribution. This type of analysis depends on reliable compar...

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New standards for nano-testing

Friction and wear in industrial processes waste energy and degrade materials. Durable engineered surfaces that reduce friction and wear, based on nanoscale surface coatings, can be used to develop high-performance products and improve process efficiency in transport, energy generation, manufacturing and mineral extraction. Low...

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