Focus on 'Measurements for Health'

EURAMET is very active in measurements for health. Learn about our work and take a look at:
The interview with Tobias Schäffter, task group ‘Metrology for Health’ convenor;

The newly published ‘Health impact report’ containing examples of the early adoption of EU funded science and technology;

Highlights from completed health projects;

14 health case studies on 'Advancing quantitative diagnosis' and 'Supporting safe and effective therapies' and
Read one of our latest health news stories about ‘Improving radiotherapy success’ or the ‘World's first primary standard developed for molecular radiotherapy to treat cancer’.

Provide your input for future health joint research projects

EURAMET’s European Metrology Research Programme, EMPIR, will issue a call on ‘Metrology for Health’ at the beginning of 2018.

In preparation for the call, EURAMET’s Task Group for Health is organising a workshop and networking meeting. It aims to bring together stakeholders in the area of health, including international experts in medicine, academia and industry and the measurement community.

The event will be held at PTB Berlin, Germany, on 12 and 13 December 2017. read more >>

News Highlights

Interest in redefined kelvin intensifies

Work from EMRP and EMPIR projects on the redefinition of the Kelvin is highlighted through invited talks and papers

Graham Machin at the 6th Spanish Congress of Metrology, June 2017 – Courtesy of NPL