Map: Organisation

General Assembly (GA)

Highest authority and decision making body of EURAMET. Each member is represented by a Delegate. The Representatives of NMIs applying for membership and of the IRMM have observer status in the GA.


EURAMET has one Chairperson and 2 Vice-Chairpersons, who are elected for a period of three years. The Chairpersons are representing EURAMET legally.

Board of Directors (BoD)

Responsible for the governance and the development of the strategy of EURAMET. The Board of Directors is composed by the three Chairpersons and six elected members.

Technical Committees (TC)

The technical work of EURAMET is coordinated in 12 Technical Committees. Each Member may appoint a Contact Person to each TC. Also Associates from countries not represented by a Member may appoint a Contact Person. The TC-Chairs are elected by the GA.

EMRP Committee

Decision making body for all matters concerning the execution of the European Metrology Research Programme - EMRP. Each member participating in the EMRP has one representative. The Chair of the EMRP Committee is one of the two Vice-Chairpersons of EURAMET.

Research Council

Advisory board in matters of the EMRP with representatives from stakeholders in research and politics.


EURAMET has a permanent Secretariat, located in Braunschweig, Germany.

General Assembly Chairpersons Board of Directors Technical Committees EMRP Committee Research Council Secretariat