Calibration Guides

EURAMET has published a couple of calibration guides which are intended to improve harmonisation in the calibration of measuring instruments.

All guides can be downloaded as pdf-Version.


Former versions of Calibration Guides and differences between versions


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No Calibration Guides TC Version
01 Calibration of Stylus Instruments for Measuring Surface Roughness * L  
02 Calibration of Gauge Block Comparators L Version 2.0 (03/2011)
03 Calibration of Pressure Balances M Version 1.0 (03/2011)
04 Uncertainty of Force Measurements M Version 2.0 (03/2011)
05 Coordinate Measuring Machine Calibration** L  
06 Extent of Calibration for Cylindrical Diameter Standards L Version 2.0 (03/2011)
07 Calibration of Oscilloscopes EM Version 1.0 (06/2011)
08 Calibration of Thermocouples T Version 2.1 (10/2011)
09 Measurement and Generation of Small AC Voltages with Inductive Voltage Dividers**** EM

10 Determination of Pitch Diameter of Parallel Thread Gauges by Mechanical Probing L Version 2.1 (12/2012)
11 Guidelines on the Calibration of Temperature Indicators and Simulators by Electrical Simulation and Measurement T Version 2.0 (03/2011)
12 Guidelines on the Evaluation of Vector Network Analysers (VNA) EM Version 2.0 (03/2011)
13 Guidelines on the Calibration of Temperature Block Calibrators T Version 3.0 (02/2015)
14 Guidelines on the Calibration of Static Torque Measuring Devices M Version 2.0 (03/2011)
15 Guidelines on the Calibration of Digital Multimeters EM Version 3.0 (02/2015)
16 Guidelines on the Estimation of Uncertainty in Hardness Measurements M Version 2.0 (03/2011)
17 Guidelines on the Calibration of Electromechanical Manometers M Version 2.0 (03/2011)
18 Guidelines on the Calibration of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments *** M Version 3.0 (03/2011)
19 Guidelines on the Determination of Uncertainty in Gravimetric Volume Calibration F Version 2.1 (03/2012)
20 Calibration of Temperature and / or Humidity Enclosures T Version 4.0 (02/2015)
21 Guidelines on the Calibration of Standard Capacity Measures using the Volumetric Method F Version 1.0 (04/2013)
* No longer available. TC-L recommends the use of DKD-R 4-2
** No longer available. Superseeded by ISO 10360 series: Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM)
*** CG 18 is currently under revision. See EURAMET Project No. 1205
**** The Guide has been withdrawn since it was outdated and no longer used.

The calibration guides were originally published by EAL Committee 2 (Calibration and Testing activities). They have been revised and re-published by the corresponding EURAMET Technical Committees (TC). The copyright of all guides is held by © EURAMET e.V. 2007.
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For further information and for suggestions please contact the EURAMET Secretariat or the TC Chair of the corresponding EURAMET Technical Committee.